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Contacts N & B 1997-2005
by Mathieu, R., Viallon, R.
Kellners work is most of all known for an intense interaction between light and colour, his artworks in black and white however, reflect Kellners early beginnings as an artist. In march 2017 his black and white artworks back from 1997-2005 have been shown in the Vrais Reves Gallery, located in Lyon. The catalougue (Contacts N&B 1997 – 2005) that was published by the gallery accompanying the exhibition, shows 23 of Kellners black and white photographs. These photographs show, not only the beginning of Kellners career, but also the beginning of photography itself. Kellner remains true to the 35mm film, as without it the history of film industry and the development of digital photography would be unthinkable. While shooting the Eiffel tower in 1997, a project which originally developed from the idea to create an analogy to the Orphism by Robert Delaunay, Kellners characteristical picture language was born. Ever since his multi-perspective, deconstructing photographs have been creating alternatives to our known reality. “[…] Kellner's photographs incorporate a new vision, contemporary and organic.” Scheit-Koppitz, Stefanie; Brasília. 50 anos de utopia moderna. Thomas Kellner.
Publisher: Galerie Vrais Rêves
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