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Tango Metropolis
by Kellner, T., Chmyreva I
Thomas Kellner inventor of visual analytical synthesis Thomas Kellner's catalog Tango Metropolis shows his most famous work on iconic architectures and new world wonders. The unique images of „dancing“ buildings such as the Brandenburg Gate and Saint Basil's Cathedral are analogous contact sheets with hundreds of pictures. Kellner manages to breathe new life into architectural icons that probably have been photographed thousands of times. He awakes a previously unknown curiosity which can be observed in children when they open a kinder surprise egg.

In the trilingual essay (russian original and german and english translation), Professor Chmyreva explains the term, which was invented by her, for Kellners work of „visual analytical synthesis“. This description hits the nail on the head. Interestingwise Chmyreva refers the terms analytical and synthesis onto Kellner´s work and ranges Kellners work with a reference to Cézanne and Signac.

"Kellner analyzes — and cognizes — both the optical method of analog photography and the subject matter leaving the latter within the environment and re-establishing its connection with the surrounding space." (Prof. Dr. Irina Chmyreva)
ISBN: 978-3-946688-01-3
Publisher: ASK - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Siegerländer Künstlerinnen und Künstler e.V

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