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Thomas Kellner
by Schlesinger
VERVE Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, hosted a fine art photography exhibition with new VERVE Gallery Artists Louviere + Vanessa and Thomas Kellner, and with guest artist Angie Brockey. The exhibition was on view in the gallery September 1 through November 26, 2016.

German photo artist Thomas Kellner is known for his photographs of seemingly dancing architectural icons, gyrating structural landmarks from around the world. Even though his photographs are of popular structures, most of which have been mass produced, his artwork is unique.

Thomas describes his new artistic method as "visual analytical synthesis." His synthesis is not one photo shot but rather several thoughtfully planned shots in order to create a picture of an architectural landmark out of contact sheets. He usually keeps the horizontal and vertical lines at their ground level horizontal and vertical, whereas in the upper levels he has photographed in such as way that the horizontal lines undulate and the verticals tilt.

the catalog was issued for the representation of Thomas Kellner at Verve Gallery, Santa Fe New Mexico, USA
Publisher: VERVE Gallery of Photography
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