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Black & White
by Kellner, T., Fogel, H.
Black & White (1997-2005) “Architecture that dances. Buildings that deconstruct, reconnect, disected by frames, twisted into unreasonable shapes, reassembled into yet another grid, and then printed with more than a hint of Cubism, trying to take something that is three-dimensional and flatten it onto a two-dimensional plane. Indeed, as we can see, even in this early work Thomas Kellner succeeded at breaking apart space.“ -Harris Fogel

About the artist: Thomas Kellners artworks of art are especially known for an intensive interaction of light and color. His works in black & white reflect the beginning of his career as an artist. Kellner's black & white photography does not only refer to his beginning as an Artist, but also to the root of photography. In his early black-and-white images, the observer can see how he focuses on the structure itself. The balance between the object and its visual form are at the center of his creations.

Kellner developed his unique visual language of multiple perspectives and the deconstructive approach in a sequence mounted on a contact sheet of 35-mm roll of film.
ISBN: 978-3-944721-77-4
Publisher: seltmann+söhne.