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Wir sind von Idealbildern umgeben
by Kellner, T. & Müller, D. J.
Dialogue with the Artist

In this interview-volume published in 2012 fine art photographer Thomas Kellner answers questions posed by art-historian and specialist in German studies Dirk Müller. The book includes Kellner’s first series of the Eiffel Tower which marked the beginning for his contact-sheets. He shows us the complete series in combination with the pages of his sketchbook. In the dialogue with his former assistant the artist not only offers an insight into his unusual process but also answers how he became an artist and how he considers the artist’s role in nowadays.

“An artist who does not see his profession in all its facets will sooner or later shipwreck. … An artist’s life has not much to do with those many clichés like red wine, Spitzweg, a slovenly life up to orgies. Surviving as an artist means that you have to discipline yourself to an extreme degree and not to wait for anything to drop into your lap.” (Thomas Kellner)
ISBN: 978-3-942831-67-3
Publisher: Ars Victoria Verlag.
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