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FarbWelt 135-36.
by Kellner, T., Zehnder, F.
Excellent (Awarded) Art In 2009 the German artist Thomas Kellner received the Fineart award by the county government of Düren. “Farbwelt 135-36” was published in conjunction with the award and its title is a tribute to a famous brand in photography. This illustrated monograph gathers the most important works of his series “Tango Metropolis” and “Dancing Walls”. The images provide an insight into the artist’s work from 1997-2009 where he developed his unique style of deconstruction. Prof. Dr. Günter Zehnder, art historian and former director of the Rheinisches Landesmuseum in Bonn, wrote an introduction worth reading from an art-historical point of view which accompanies this illustrated book. „What belongs here to Thomas Kellner’s unique technique and composition style at the same time reminds us of the picture flood that we are all subjected to around the clock, practically without any breaks. Almost 98% of them are created with a photographic camera along with all of the technology that follows - up to the quick and clumsy cell phone image. We, that is to say every generation is surrounded by a colorful picture world that leads us to perceive many things in passing, ostensibly and superficially, thereby leading us to often see everything and yet nothing. The catchy picture which therefore does not require any analysis and thought is often the most popular.” (abstracted from Prof. Dr. Frank Günter Zehnder)
ISBN: 978-3-942831-68-0
Publisher: Kreis Düren