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Thomas Kellner
by Kellner, T.
The Eiffel Tower, the Big Ben and the Guggenheim Museums – every country and every city owns monuments which are known by almost everybody and which often appear on vacation photographs or postcards. Showing the „known unknown“ – that’s what Thomas Kellner wants to achieve with his „monument - series“. Since 1999 he has been offering a new way of observation and interpretation working with a fragmentary composition of pictures. Taking up his idea of fragmentising, on this CD we want you to get to know the person and artist Thomas Kellner by exploring a great variety of pictures and interview pieces. Find your way through different periods of his life and work using the fragmented surface of the University of Siegen. Wendy Klinkhammer, Simone Schneider & Katharina Strösser

This CD resulted from a project at the University of Siegen in cooperation with Thomas Kellner.
Publisher: University of Siegen
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