Tom Zimberoff

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Photography: Focus on Profit
by Tom Zimberoff

Imagine a photography business with no fear-inspiring paper stacks and lost invoices, where every expense is billed correctly and where revenues return steadily, on time and with profit guaranteed. PHOTOGRAPHY: FOCUS ON PROFIT makes the dream of the fully functional, profitable, clutter-free photography business a reality. Written by a photographer and expert on business automation, this unique combination software/handbook is an intelligent and uncompromising guide toward a contemporary, competitive photography business.

With PHOTOGRAPHY: FOCUS ON PROFIT, author Tom Zimberoff provides not only a comprehensive step-by-step guide to setting up a profit-driven photography business, but also a free software program that fully automates business operations. PhotoByte, which has been widely adapted by schools and practitioners nationally, is based on an extensive relational database and is tailor-made to fit the photography business model in its most current form, including the licensing of electronic rights. PhotoByte administers every step of the photographic workflow consistently, frees photographers of painful paperwork, and enforces the principles of profitability in every assignment or licensing process. Effectively implementing these principles is the focus of the handbook which describes from scratch how to set up a photography business, from strategic financial, legal, and marketing issues to the daily challenges of the photographer’s trade, and which explicitly draws from the “best practices” of photography.
ISBN: ISBN-10: 1581150598 ISBN-13: 978-1581150599
Publisher: Allworth Press