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Unheeded Warnings
by Elie Monferier

« I like to take photographs of people from a very close angle. I get as close to them as possible. Then I fire the flash to illuminate them. I endeavour to capture thus the uncertainty of their social self, to find a flaw which enables me to test life and its trials, its pains and its definite loneliness. Finally, these pictures are all about me. » Elie Monferier is a street photographer, based in Bordeaux, France. He was born in 1988 and has studied literature and communication at the university Michel de Montaigne. Elie works in the streets to question our urban way of life and focuses on the isolation which prevails in the middle of a crowd, striving to account for the heroism of the individual who, as he disappears among the great multitude, remains the sole witness of his hope, desire and concerns.

Publisher: Self-published fanzine
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