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Le Peuple de l'Eau | Water Chimeras and Totems
by Giandra De Castro
Imagination lives in water, dreams live in water, inner childs live in water. Old times memories live in water, impossible worlds live in water. Chimeras live in water, totems live in water. If we take time, if we stand still, if we keep quiet, if we want nothing, if we are ready to simply be there, if we accept to want nothing, no expect nothing, then we can see all the magic, the petry, the fantastic and untold stories water can tell us. I captured for you water memories about chimeras and totems who live in water reflections, who have always lived there, who will live there forever, hidden from us because simply we do not look further enough, deep enough. * Those pictures have been exhibited in several galleries and festivals in the USA, Brazil, France, Italy, Greece in 2019. * Those are pure picture with no special effect during the click neither during editing.
Publisher: Speaker for the Water Editions

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