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l'âme de l'eau | This Is Water and Dreams
by Giandra De Castro
If water could talk, it could tell us how it was before, how everything started. But wait, It can talk! It talks to us every time we stand still, everytime we wander around the lakes, everytime we stop and sit, ready to see, ready to listen. I wandered hours and hours around the lakes, I listened to the untold stories about our universe, about ancient times, about our origins as water creatures, about forgotten worlds. If you like poetry, if you like magic, if you like fantasy, if your inner child wants to play, then come and dive into Water and Dreams. -

250 photographs exhibited in galleries and festivals in the USA, France, Brazil, Greece, Italy - Pure Fine Art photography, no special effect neither during the click neither during editing.
ISBN: 978-1714166107
Publisher: Speaker for the Water Editions
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