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l'âme de l'eau | This Is Water
by Giandra De Castro
I am a lake wanderer, a water lover, a reflection hunter. During those last 2 years, I walked around lakes and I stared at the water during hours and hours. There I see all the poetry, all the magic, all the fantasy. Standing still, lost in water reflections, I imagine stories, all about ancient times, parallel worlds or water creatures. I let my inner child out, I stay hours at the same lace until I can see further and discover an untold story, a sunk treasure. This books tells the story of earth and humanity though 250 photographs : - ENERGY: water substance and power - GENESIS: the moment where cosmos, earth and life and were created - ELEMENTARY : primary elements of everything - FOSSILS : preserved remains or traces of those who lived in the distant past - LOST WORLDS : Life environment as it could have been, now drowned in forgotten possibilities - ALTERNATIVE WORLDS : possible worlds not selected by chance, neither by observation - CHIMERAS AND TOTEMS : creatures that could have been, might have been, must have been - PRIMITIVES : jungle and ancient plants * All pictures are pure photography, with no tricks (neither during the click, neither during editing). * I never add neither remove anything, I barely slightly retouch exposure or framing. * In 2019, 35 of those Fine Art Photographs have been exhibited in The USA, Greece, Italy, France, Brazil, by several galleries and photography festival.
ISBN: 1714165981
Publisher: Speaker for the Water Editions

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