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by John Peter Askew

John Peter Askew is an artist who works with the camera to create dense, poetic images of domestic life, and of the historical forces that shape who we are. Since 1996 he has photographed the Russian city of Perm, the easternmost city in Europe, as part of a project investigating the state of modern Europe. While We an extended epic portrait across generations of a single family, the Chulakovs, these photographs transcend their particular circumstances. Askew pays attention to our ‘best selves’, asking us to imagine the possibility of a better, more playful world, and pointing towards who we might yet become. Charlotte Cotton has described it as “a wonderful book.. a beautiful close, incredibly touching and vast photographic story…” The book includes texts by the leading historian of photography Ian Jeffrey, the curator and writer Fatos Ustek, artist Lee Triming; and curator Alistair Robinson. Launched at the Photographer’s Gallery, London to accompany the artist’s exhibition at the Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, UK in 2019.

ISBN: ISBN 978-3-7356-0543-6
Publisher: Kerber Verlag, Berlin 2019 / Hardcover / 380 pages / 162 colour plates
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