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WE | Photographs from Russia 1996-2007
by John Peter Askew
“A wonderful book.. a beautiful close, incredibly touching and vast photographic story…It warms the heart as an incredible reminder of the enduring role of photography as the chronicle of lived experience and human relationality” Charlotte Cotton

“His pictures have to be inspected for their secrets, for their lightning strikes and unexpected rhymes.” Ian Jeffrey

“Whether in the gallery or on the page, this is commonplace beauty to make you think.” Paul Carey-Kent

John Peter Askew is an artist who works with the camera to create dense, poetic images of domestic life, and of the historical forces that shape who we are. WE is an idiosyncratic portrait that stretches back over a quarter of a century of the the Chulakov family and their friends. Set in and around Perm, the most easternmost city in Europe, these photographs transcend their particular circumstances. Askew pays attention to our ‘best selves’, asking us to imagine the possibility of a better, more playful world, and pointing towards who we might yet become.

380 pages | 162 colour plates

Texts by Ian Jeffrey, Fatos Ustek, Alistair Robinson, Lee Triming, Anna Kligman and John Peter Askew.

Published by Kerber Verlag, Berlin 2019 to accompany the artist’s exhibition at the Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art, UK.
ISBN: ISBN 978-3-7356-0543-6
Publisher: Kerber, June 2019

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