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Bords de Mer I - II & III
by Paul Menville
I have always photographed the seasides ... In my youth, I lived a hundred kilometers from the ocean. After the evenings on Saturday evening, we often decided to leave to end the night by the sea, on a beach in the Landes. Once there, we would stay there, silent, lying in the hollow of the dune, facing the ocean, waiting, smoking our cigarettes, for the spectacle of daybreak over the sea. I only had my eyes to frame imaginary images, but I think that's where the pleasure of photographing the seasides was born. I learned photography on the straight and endless beaches of the West Africa. Since then, I haven't stopped ... These images punctuate my work like a common thread that links the events of a lifetime. To each one, I can associate a face, a meeting, a journey. I like the idea that photography is also a way of writing and saves me speeches. My photograph is a photograph of existence, the one that slips through our fingers like the sand on the beaches of Africa or elsewhere ...

3 books of photographs gathered in a cardboard box, on a common theme of Seaside. 3 Tomes in the finished square format of 21.5 X 21 cm: Volume 1 72 pages - Volume 2: 56 pages - Volume 3: 48 pages 127 photographs Paper: modern matt coated: 170 g - Quadri printing on both sides. Shaping: Square back stitched glued for the 3 Tomes
Publisher: Auto-Édition
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