August Sander

August Sander: 'In Photography There Are No Unexplained Shadows'
by Christoph Schreier
Publisher's Description
Published as a companion to the British National Portrait Gallery's exhibition, August Sander is the only currently in-print comprehensive monograph on the artist. Sander's complex portraits of German citizens, taken between the wars, were intended as a national portrait, but the breadth of his vision conflicted with the Nazi regime who put an end to his project. This monograph contains many of Sander's most famous portraits, many lesser published images, and a wide range of his landscape work, including images taken after the fall of Cologne. Also included are passages from many personal letters, collected by the artist's grandson Gerd Sander.
ISBN: 1855141965
Publisher: National Portrait Gallery
Hardcover : 272 pages
Language: English
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