Nudes: Developing Style in Creative Photography (Black and White Photography)
by Terry Hope
Publisher's Description
"This is a book that's as much about images as it is about technique. It's as much about having an eye for a picture as it is about having a mastery of the technicalities of black and white. And hopefully, for all the things that are passed on through the words of the photographers who created this collection of incredible images, one of the main benefits of the book will be its ability simply to inspire. If, having seen the quality and the sheer breadth of imagery that makes up these pages you feel the irresistible urge to pick up a camera and to go off and try some of the ideas for yourself, then the book will have achieved its purpose in style."-Terry Hope
ISBN: 2880465338
Publisher: Rockport Publishers
Paperback : 143 pages
Language: English
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