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The Best of LensCulture, Vol. 4

How do you discover the best new photography to inspire you? For this book, we’ve relied on the expertise and personal taste of more than 40 experts who deal with photography every day of their lives. They have combed through work made by artists and photographers from more than 150 countries on six continents to select the pictures you can find in this book.

This stunning selection celebrates excellence in the visual language of photography in all genres: documentary, fine art, photojournalism, portrait, street photography, abstract, landscape, architecture, nature, alternative process, experimental, poetic, personal, and more.

From the already world-famous, to brand new discoveries and emerging talents, anyone who is serious about the current state of photography around the globe will be delighted and surprised to discover the rich variety of photographers and their imagery presented in these pages. Order yours today!

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Book Details

ISBN: 9789053309346
FORMAT: 19 x 24.5 cm (Paperback)
180 pages with approximately 150 images in full colour and b&w
Design: Heijdens Karwei, Amsterdam
Publisher: Schilt Publishing, Amsterdam
Cover Image: Namsa Leuba

Here’s a Peek of What’s Inside The Best of LensCulture, Vol. 4

Featured Photographers

Mason, Noelle
Kiefer, Tom
Marchand, Amanda
Rapezzi, Carolina
Houghton, David
Barritt, Steven
Ángel García, Miguel
Martins, Edgar
Fernández Milanés, Adrián
Plotnick, Walter
Rusca, Carlo
SH, Julia
Estopiñan, Lluís
Palanisamy, Madhavan
González González, Aarón
Lee, Kwun Hei
Lemblé, Catherine
Asadi, Enayat
Konior, Sylvia
Giggins, Kylie
Kabir, Md Enamul
Lenzen, Yann
Iturrioz, Ignacio
Tzortzinis, Angelos
Sosnowska, Agnieszka
Agterberg, Bebe
Smith, Chaddy Dean
Jacome, Felipe
Xu, Guanyu
Henry, Jon
Fondriest, Terra
Benjida, Hajar
Harris, Marvel
Focseneanu, Matei
De Giorgi, Silvia
Amin, Azad
Yang, Bowei
Kahn, Brendon
Szalai, Daniel
Ellis, Denelle and Tom
Turner, Greg
Nolle, Jana Sophia
Brenner, Juan
Poly, Julie
Paatos, Karoliina
DeSieno, Marcus
Miechowski, Max
Heygster, Rafael
Lehner, Simon
Zaman, Soraya
Antony, Todd
Kushwah, Vikram
Vasilyev , Alex
Diran, Oye
Khaleghi Moghaddam, Majid
Keene, Justin
Virgo, Keith
Machalowski, Frank
Amat, Guillaume
Maslov, Sasha
He, Bo
Leuba, Namsa
Päiväläinen, Riitta
Doyle, Rory
Masséus, Marinka
Ham, Soomin
Berridge, Mary
Lyons, Daniel
Carleton, Aude
Pannack, Laura
Galletta, Paolo
Paraskeva, Elena
Solórzano, Pablo
de Keersmaecker, Charlie
Zershchikova, Ekaterina
O'Connor, Jeannie
Adam, Rhiannon
Goldchain, Rafael
Alkan, Sevil
Medvedchikov, Sergey
Safi, Haluk
Jafari, Nosrat
Heckels, Graeme
Shtutsa, Ilya
Uçan, Sami
Tootal, Polly
Bejawn, Tristan
Morelli, Alexandre
Melton, Dorian
Ishii, Yoko
Barua, Rony
Kuijpers, Willem