Winners will be announced in November 2016

For the 2017 edition of FORMAT we are looking for submissions that explore the theme of HABITAT through varied narratives and imagery that document the worlds around us. We hope that through the theme you will share with us the experiences and stories that coalesce as we negotiate our complex existence, including the flora, fauna, landscapes and the lives within.

Rapid changes in the environment, industry, technology, wars, migration and climate are accelerating at such unprecedented rates that the human impact on the Earth has pushed us into a new cultural geological epoch or era known as the Anthropocene. With tangible impacts of these changes being recorded in the atmosphere, lands, plants, oceans, humanity and wildlife, we are interested in the effect, solutions and conditions of this state that we are in, on micro and macro levels worldwide.

We are open to see a wide range of projects exploring HABITAT, which will look broadly at landscape, environment, mobility, migrations, digital worlds, ideas of home and displacement, conflict and regeneration and all the spaces that we live in including work that considers our short or long term impact on the world locally and internationally.

We are looking for a wide variety of works for presentation in the festival, from long term researched documentary, multimedia, archive, installation, interventions, publications, interactive, performance, participatory, mobile, narrative and conceptual works all rooted in photography in diverse ways. We want you to challenge and respond to the theme in as many inventive ways as you can imagine.

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Series Photo Category (includes a submission review)

Each proposal to the open call can include up to a series of 10 images (we encourage you to include install shots), plus links to moving image works. Entrants are welcome to make more than one application but the non-refundable $43 will be payable for each application.

Important note: if your work is only film based, please submit the link to your video and upload at least one image (a still or a cover image supporting the video) so that the system accepts your submission. If your series of work contains multiple videos, then please add additional links on the next page, within your text.

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Entry deadline

September 11, 2018

Entry fee

$43 (£30) up to 10 images and a video link. (includes a submission review from an industry expert)