FestFoto Brazil Call For Entry 2019

Winners will be announced in February 2019

How to Apply?

You can choose to apply with a Multimedia Project or a Portfolio.

Portfolio Category:

Please submit up to 20 photographs that work well together either as (1) a visual narrative or (2) a group linked by theme or style. Name the file from your photos with your name and a serial number (eg. Joao_carlos_01) and drag to the upload location. Each file must have no more than 2 MB with 1200 pixels on the larger side. Select the category "Visual Stories" in the info box in step 2.

Multimedia Project:

  • Add a single image which represents your video work
  • A link to your multimedia project. Work is required to be hosted by a video hosting site such as www.vimeo.com or www.youtube.com

Entry deadline

February 08, 2019

Entry fee

$30 for up to 20 images