ONAEBA 3331 Arts Chiyoda

Winners will be announced in May 2020

Series of Storytelling Images

ONAEBA is Japan's one of the largest photography events that revolve around the key-concept "to meet". ONAEBA has been organized 25 times in Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka since its launch of 2006. The unique characteristic of the event is that anyone (amateur or pro) can enter to present their works to invited editors and curators. As a result, the event becomes an opportunity for challenges and aspirations.

Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, ONAEBA has been postponed and facing a challenge to open physical exhibitions. As the countermeasure ONAEBA, with the help of LensCulture, opens the online submission platform where the participants' artworks will be reviewed by international jurors. This competition is eligible for ONAEBA participants only and he/she must first register to ONAEBA before entering the competition.


Entry deadline

May 18, 2020

Entry fee

Free / 無料