Portraits Ghana Photography Prize 2018

Winners will be announced in April 2018


The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in partnership with Nuku Studio, present the Portraits Ghana Photography Prize 2018. This year’s competition finale and exhibition will be held as part of the Orange Week celebrations occurring between April 16-26, 2018. The Prize, which is open for submissions from March 8, 2018, will celebrate and reward the best of portrait photography in Ghana.

We are looking for creative and innovative approaches in portraiture under the theme LEADERSHIP - from documentary projects, studio, ordinary people, individual and group, to family portraits. The competition aims to highlight and expose the best of professional, student and amateur photography in Ghana, from the classical to the innovative.

The Prize will be judged by a jury of leading artists and photography professionals, who are independent of the organizers. In all, 15 entrants will be selected by our judges.

Single Photo Entry

What the jury will be looking for:

  • Portraits, each a story on its own, that inspire the imagination beyond what the image shows and the value derived from viewing the depth of great portraiture.
  • Technical capability and creative approach will also be taken into account.
  • Whether entered as singles (or stories), these photographs will be judged in terms of their accuracy, and visually intriguing insights about who we are.

Only single exposure and single frame pictures will be accepted.

Image manipulation: Images that are found to have been manipulated will be disqualified. This includes images that contain the removal and addition of people, objects and backgrounds.
Original image content must be submitted. Post editing of images includes dust and scratches removal, cropping and non excessive colour/contrasts/saturation adjustments.

Image specifications:

  • Must be uploaded in high quality .jpeg/.jpg format.
  • Should be saved with a medium to high quality.
  • Should be 2,000 pixels in length and no more than 10 MB.
  • Should have an embedded ICC profile. Adobe RGB or sRGB is recommended for colour pictures, Gamma 2.2 for black and white.

All pictures must have captions, written in English only, and the description must contain the following information:

  • Name of subject(s)
  • Location
  • Date
  • Context* / A short text that summaries the experience the photographer(s) had in making the portrait(s). (No longer than 200 words. This text will accompany the winning exhibition portraits).


Email: [email protected]

The Portraits Ghana Photography Prize is open to professional, student and amateur photographers. This must be established by providing proof of professional status (including, but not limited to, a scan of a press card; membership document from a professional photographic association; journalism union membership card; letter of reference from a photo agency, photo editor or publication, student I.D.).

To qualify to enter the competition, you must be officially resident* in Ghana and between 18 - 35 years of age. The photographer must be the sole copyright owner and creator of the photographs entered into the prize.

By entering the competition you hereby accept the competition rules (shown on the organizers website)

Entry deadline

March 30, 2018 08:00 PM

Entry fee