About Corinne De San Jose

Corinne de San Jose is a photographer and sound designer based in Manila, Philippines. She started dabbling in photography since she took formal classes in De La Salle University where she was a Communications Arts Major. Although she did not stop taking photographs through the years, De San Jose focused on sound for more than ten years, working as an audio engineer for one of the top audio post prodution houses in the country. As a sound designer, she has worked and earned recognition doing sound design for several acclaimed films, including Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles (2012} and On The Job (2013} by Erik Matti, Norte: The End of History (2013} by Lav Diaz, and La Ultima Pelicula (2013} by Raya Martin. In the last few years she has chosen to concentrate on artistic projects, using both photography and sound, with several solo and group exhibitions at Silverlens Gallery in Manila and Singapore. Her work continues to explore issues of identity, gender, stereotypes, and symbols, almost always centered on a methodical and time consuming process.

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