Frequently Asked Questions

What are the photo specifications for uploading?

For best results, upload the highest-quality JPEGs, sized to about 2000 pixels on the longest side.

I uploaded a project but can't see it in Search. Why?

If you've made your project and profile "public", all of your work should be visible to anyone who searches LensCulture. If searching your full name doesn't work, try searching only your last name.

How do you decide who gets a Portfolio Account?

We don't have a formal application process to request invitations for a LensCulture Portfolio Account. We discover photographers in many different ways — by meeting them directly at portfolio reviews, conferences, workshops, festivals and exhibitions; and by discovering their work through other photography magazines and websites, museum and gallery shows. Our editors judge several photography competitions, so we discover lots of new photographers that way. We also have an informal network of advisors around the world who introduce us to photographers whom they believe deserve some worldwide recognition. And we look at a lot of photographers' websites every day. We are always looking for interesting photographers who are creating work we would like to see on LensCulture and share with the world. So, chances are, if we discover your work in any of these ways, and we think the readers of LensCulture will be inspired by your work, we will offer you a Portfolio Account.

I uploaded a project but can't see it in your Explore section. Why?

The Explore sections are curated by our editorial team — from the thousands of projects uploaded from the photographers we invite, we select only a small percentage to feature prominently on the Explore pages. We do this to keep things interesting, varied and diverse for our audience — with our goal of always promoting only the best, top-quality work (in our opinion). We will notify you via email if your projects are published in the Explore section.

How do I get my work in Editors' Picks?

Our editorial team reviews every project uploaded to LensCulture by the photographers we invite. ALL projects appear on the photographers' Portfolio Account pages; a choice selection in each genre and category (chosen by our editorial team) appears on our Explore Category pages; and the best of the best (in our subjective opinion) show up as Editors' Picks. To make it to Editors' Picks, all of the photos in a project must be really great; the editing and sequencing should be tight and thoughtful; you should include a concise and compelling introductory text; and if your photos need captions, the captions should help the reader appreciate your story or series. So, in short, the more professionally edited, sequenced work that is supported by good text and captions has the best chance of being featured in Editors' Picks.

How can I get more exposure for my projects?

The best way to increase your exposure through your LensCulture Portfolio account is to create great work, edit it carefully, and then share it as much as you can through your own personal and professional networks. We've made the design and presentation of your projects as simple and as elegant as we can — and we've made EVERY project easy to share. There are Share links that offer professional summary links with photos when you use our sharing tools for Facebook and Twitter.

Does a Portfolio account cost anything?

No, Portfolio Accounts are free, but are available by invitation-only to photographers selected by LensCulture's editorial team. You can upload as many projects and photos as you want without any charge. We do charge a small fee if or when you enter one of our photo competitons (there's no obligation for you to do so). We also will be releasing some new online workshops and portfolio reviews that will be paid services. But to be clear, we do not charge photographers for a Portfolio account.

What does "Allow others to collect your photos" mean?

We encourage our users to create online collections of their favorite photos they discover on LensCulture (after all, our mission is to "discover and share the best in contemporary photography"). That said, you can still control if other users can add your photos to their online collection on LensCulture. It doesn not mean they can download your photos.

Can I pay submission fees using PayPal?

Yes, please send the total fee to We will receive a notification from PayPal then submit your entry.

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