About Giovanni Renna

I was born in 1959, in Southern Italy. I started shooting in theater and during street theater performances. After years, due to frequent trips to the Middle East, Africa and Asia, but also in the Mediterranean and its habitats, I have developed a strong focus and passion for image details and color.

In addition to participation in some group exhibitions in various public places, I have produced a portfolio, Barcelona Details, which has received very favorable comments from Turisme de Barcelona (Spain), in which the touristic town is transformed into a world of details, shapes and colors. I have also produced a calendar for a multinational company in medical field.

Social Landscape or Anthropological landscape can be a good starting definition for my current production. I have a particular taste in constructing stories from simple images and familiar environment. We speak of stories, not of photographs, because each portfolio is a look centered on a small part of our lives, and this story is a look on the way.

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