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Jeff Cowen Berlin, Germany

For his current one-man exhibition in Berlin, Jeff Cowen designed a special 48-page booklet to serve as the invitation to the opening — composed of sketches, tiny details of large murals, notes, and photos from his studio. 

Cowen's large one-man show now in Berlin at VW Gallery feels like a stunningly curated museum show (a healthy dose of new, unseen recent work intermingled with representative pieces from the last decade).

An exhibition in Paris reveals all-new sculptural photomurals, hand-cut collages, and other photo-based artwork by Jeff Cowen.

American artist-photographer Jeff Cowen opens a one-man show in Barcelona that is richly diverse and stunningly honest and alive.

Jeff Cowen visits modern-day Havana and returns with timeless photographs — moody, resigned, and quietly emotional.

Photographer Jeff Cowen creates movement and intensity with collage, scale, and striking subject matter. In an audio interview, he talks about his process and his influences

Jeff Cowen's latest body of work is a virtuoso performance of mural-size portraits and cinematic collages.

Jeff Cowen treats photography as a vehicle for painting, collage and sculpture. He uses the chemicals in his dark-room as a painter uses color, developing the compositions and allowing for processes outside his direct control.

Photographer-Artist Jeff Cowen speaks about his work and his approach to art in an interview with Jim Casper and Jennifer Crowley at Michael Werner Kunsthandel in Köln, Germany. VIDEO.

About Jeff Cowen

"There is nothing casual about a photograph for me. It is a balance. It must seem effortless and have a fabulous simplicity about it and at the same time it must have this mysterious complexity."

Jeff Cowen (1966) was born in New York City, and he currently lives and works in Berlin. Upon graduation in Oriental Studies as from New York University and Waseda University in Tokyo in 1988, he worked as an assistant to Ralph Gibson and Larry Clark, as he photographed intensively on the streets of New York.

Cowen’s artistic approach was influenced and altered by his study of drawing and painting. He works with the figure, landscape, abstraction and still life. The artist is interested in what he calls the non-moment, the point in time just before or after something has happened.

Cowen is constantly testing the boundaries between photography, painting, drawing and sculpture. He works on thick silver based paper, which he cuts, collages and attacks with various chemicals and specialized darkroom techniques.

Over one hundred collections and institutions around the world have acquired Cowen’s work.

Jeff Cowen participates regularly in art fairs such as Art Basel, Art Cologne, Art Bologna, Arco, Photo Espana, LaArt Fair, Art Paris and others. His work was exhibited at the Grand Palais in Paris fall 2012.

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