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  • Location:
    Warwick, RI, United States
  • Schools Attended:
    Istanbul Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences
    Michigan State University (MBA)
    Adana Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences (PhD)
  • Photo Associations & Memberships:
    Photographic Society of Rhode Island
    Master Member of New England Camera Club Council (MNEC)
About A. Cemal Ekin

A life-long academic with a main discipline in marketing, I have been photographing for close to 60 years. Photography is like sustenance for me, I need to have some every day. I need to photograph or work on my own, look at other people's work, read about photography, inhale and exhale photography.

I retired as a professor of marketing emeritus from Providence College in 2012 after 36 years of service there. Teaching has been a great experience for me and affected in many ways my photography and how I share what little I know. I have had students for private mentoring sessions, lecture and hold workshops locally and regionally, and try to spread the love of photography with its artistic as well as technical aspects.

I strive to produce work that appear "effortlessly done" although I may spend long hours, even days on some. I am very comfortable with the technical aspects and the use of digital tools, but I consider that only a tool that allows me to articulate my vision in my photographs. My photographic interests are highly eclectic, ranging from architecture to streets, from ballet to flowers. I want to find something that reflects my sensibilities in what I photograph.

Unique art collaboration 2013, 2014 A collection of my photographs inspired and featured in an original ballet, Orchis, Festival Ballet Providence (also see a short segment from the video I created for the ballet.) Exhibits 2004 On Seeing, Hunt-Cavanagh Art Gallery, Providence
2007 Faces and Places from Turkey, Lifespan, Providence
2008 Faces and Places from Turkey, II (expanded), Mathewson Street United Methodist Church, Providence
2010 Touching The History: Photographs From The Dome Of Hagia Sophia, Cleveland State University Art Gallery, Cleveland
2010 Touching The History: Photographs From The Dome Of Hagia Sophia, Hunt-Cavanagh Art Gallery, Providence
2010 Touching The History: Photographs From The Dome Of Hagia Sophia, The Howard Thurman Center, Boston University, Boston Publications 2011 Infrared Earthscapes, LensWork Extended #97 November-December 2011
2013 Included in International Masters of Photography, Volume I
Self-published many bound folios using MagCloud services

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