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    Bilder Nordic School of Photography
About Lars Håberg

Lars Haberg (b. 1986)
I am a documentary photographer from Norway.

After graduating from Bilder Nordic School of Photography (Oslo) in 2009, I left Norway to live in the West Bank, Palestine, for eight months.

Ever since, I have been focusing most of my work on the project, Unfortunately, it was Paradise. A project about the mood, and the psychology of daily life under a military occupation. This project came to life when I realized how far away from everyday life in the West Bank everyday news is. I try to reflect this in not only the stories I tell, but also in the style of photography I do, sometimes placing me in between fine art and documentary.

Most of my time away from Norway, I spend in the Middle East.

I also teach photography at Sunnfjord Folk High School, in my hometown Forde.

Nominated for PDN's 30, 2013
Featured in Lens Culture, autumn 2012
Review Santa Fe 2012

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