About Chee Keong Lim

CK Lim has been interested in art and photography for a long time.
It began during high school, when he felt an urge to record the beauty of the world and started to learn the craft of photography.
At first, he was pursuing photography on the side while helping his father take care of the family business.
In 1998, he was able to pursue it as a full-time career.

While Lim has always regretted his inability to draw well,
the camera was able to replace the pen for him.
Lim has a strong belief in the power of images:
they are able to transcend language, background, nationality.
Through photography, Lim finds it easiest to express his thoughts.

In Lim’s words,
“Painting is the art of addition:
the artist adds colors to his painting and builds up the image.
Photography is the art of reduction:
we try to pull out a simple beauty from the complex world around us.”

Due to the increasingly low price and widespread popularity of digital cameras,
photography is becoming commonplace in Malaysia,
Lim’s home, and all over Southeast Asia.
On the one hand, this helps promote photography.
On the other, Lim finds that photographic newcomers often shoot blindly, without thinking.
As these photographers lack basic knowledge in photographic and artistic principles,
their work cannot achieve the simplifying clarity towards which Lim strives.
Thus, Lim is a strong believer in the importance of visual education and technical mastery.

Lim particularly enjoys capturing humanity and landscape on the road.
Asian countries have always been a draw for him:
the people are warm and simple and the culture suits his personality.
His favorite country to photograph in is Myanmar.
After two trips there,
he has plans to start organizing more regular photography trips to explore the place more deeply.

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