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  • During a two-month period in the winter, the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon. This polar night means that the body is deprived of melatonin-giving light. This can lead to a loss of deep sleep, irritation, fatigue and depression. Most apartments in Norilsk are equipped with UV lamps to simulate natural light. © Elena Chernyshova
    Days of Night - Nights of Day
    Elena Chernyshova
  • Farmer's Daughter, 2007 © Michael Somoroff
    Absence of Subject
    Michael Somoroff
  • © Alain Laboile
    La Famille
    Alain Laboile
  • Kamata,Tokyo, Japan © Tatsuo Suzuki
    Tokyo Street Portraits
    Tatsuo Suzuki
  • Agnes Clotis © 30 Under 30: Women Photographers, Photo Boite
    30 Under 30: Women Photographers
    Photo Boite
  •  Daniel © Justin Gonyea. Finalist, 2014 LensCulture Portrait Awards
    Finalists: 2014 LensCulture Portrait Awards
    LensCulture Portrait Awards
  • Pato, 52, has been unemployed for a long time.  He just gets occasional jobs and lives in the rented flat with his wife and four children. Kosice, 2004. © Andrej Balco
    Life in a Block of Flats: Suburban Slovakia
    Andrej Balco
  • © Jason Tannen
    Noir City
    Jason Tannen
  • © Isabella Rozendaal
    Isabella Rozendaal
  • Flowers © Tony Mendoza
    Tony Mendoza
  • From the series "Scenes of Life" © Lucie and Simon
    Scenes of Life
    Lucie & Simon
  • Gaston Ugalde, Colorado X, 2012 © Salar Galería de Arte, Paris Photo LA
    Paris Photo LA 2014
    Paris Photo
  • Celebration, 2007 © Roger Ballen
    Breakfast with Roger Ballen: Audio intervi...
    Roger Ballen
  • Animus #1
© Elisabeth Sunday
    Heroic, yet sensitive portraits of ...
    Elisabeth Sunday
  • © Clare Benson
    The Shepherd's Daughter
    Clare Benson