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  • During a two-month period in the winter, the sun doesn’t rise above the horizon. This polar night means that the body is deprived of melatonin-giving light. This can lead to a loss of deep sleep, irritation, fatigue and depression. Most apartments in Norilsk are equipped with UV lamps to simulate natural light. © Elena Chernyshova
    Days of Night - Nights of Day
    Elena Chernyshova
  •  Daniel © Justin Gonyea. Finalist, 2014 LensCulture Portrait Awards
    Finalists: 2014 LensCulture Portrait Awards
    LensCulture Portrait Awards
  • Agnes Clotis © 30 Under 30: Women Photographers, Photo Boite
    30 Under 30: Women Photographers
    Photo Boite
  • From the series, Another Family, © Irina Popova
    Another Family
    Irina Popova
  • © Marius Schultz
    First there was nothing. A story of the u...
    Marius Schultz
  • © Alexander Gronsky
Image courtesy of the artist and Portfolio Review Russia, Moscow 2011: www.portfolioreview-russia.com
    New Russian Contemporary Photography: 43 A...
  • Don't look now #1 © Camilla Holmgren
    Don't look now
    Camilla Holmgren
  • New York, circa 1971-early 1990s, © Helen Levitt. Courtesy Laurence Miller Gallery and/or powerHouse Books.
    Helen Levitt: New York Streets 1938 to 199...
    Helen Levitt
  • © Alain Laboile
    La Famille
    Alain Laboile
  • Carly, 16 years old, Ralston, Wyoming
From the series Senior Dogs Across America © Nancy LeVine
    Senior Dogs Across America
    Nancy LeVine
  • © An-Sofie Kesteleyn
    A lamb named Beauty
    An-Sofie Kesteleyn
  • Untitled, from the series "Shadow Within", 2010-2013 © Christian Houge
    Shadow Within
    Christian Houge
  • © Yasuteru Kasano
    ZOETROPE - Japan
    Yasuteru Kasano
  • From the series "Ida: Sketches" © Ryszard Lenczewski
    Ida: Sketches for Cinematography
    Ryszard Lenczewski
  • © Clare Benson. 1st place, Single Image Category, 2014 LensCulture Portrait Awards
    Winners, Single Image Category: 2014 LensC...
    LensCulture Portrait Awards