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We see a lot of photography. It comes from all over the world — 145 countries and counting — and as part of our mission to discover the best, we've learned successful photographers participate in a lot of exposure opportunities. So we have created a new service to make it easier for photographers at all levels to move forward creatively and professionally.

The LensCulture Network offers you five submissions a year across all LensCulture competitions with a 35% discount on fees. Finally, you can also redeem five free Submission Reviews a year. These critiques, written by our team of professional photo editors, curators, publishers, gallerists, educators, critics, consultants, and other industry professionals, provide meaningful feedback and actionable advice on your photography.

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We've found that most photographers who win awards enter several competitions per year — it's part of their business practice. But competitions can be prohibitively expensive. Still, by limiting yourself to only entering a few competitions a year, you are missing out on valuable opportunities to gain international exposure, public recognition, and connect with photography industry professionals. We don't think it should have to be that way. That's why your LensCulture Network membership includes up to 5 entries in our competitions, a $300 value!

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Free Submission Reviews for all of your entries

We know how important critical feedback is to fine-tuning your work, and we want you to feel as confident as possible every time you submit to a call for entry. LensCulture Network members are prioritized to receive a review of their work within 30 days of submission (instead of the typical 90-days). Our submission reviews include recommendations for improving your practice and preparing your work for competitions, grants, juried exhibitions, and other calls for entries. We have over 100 trusted and qualified photo editors, curators, publishers, gallerists, educators, critics, consultants, and other industry professionals who provide meaningful critiques and actionable feedback on your photography.

“LensCulture is a wonderful platform for photographers and getting the review of my submission was worth the price of entry in itself!”

— Allison Stewart

“What a wonderful service. I would like to thank the reviewer for his/her insightful and thoughtful review. Although I feel strongly about this project, as many of us do at one time or another, I was also feeling discouraged about it. The reviewer's thoughtful words have inspired me to continue. Thank you so much.”

— Jacqueline Walters

“This is the most thoughtful and useful feedback I have received on the series so far. It's short, but to the point. A great example of "less is more." It gives me clear direction on how to think where I want to lead the project to, guidelines to edit and display, and inspirational suggestions. Again, thank you so much. Worth every dollar and second invested in submitting for the competition. I really appreciate it. I look forward to more interaction like this.”

— Enrique A. Samson

“The depth of the information was amazing, and has given me a clearer direction to continue with my project. I have never received such concise feedback before on a submission. The reviewer suggested names of artists that have similar styles, and subjects for me to study, and names of books to read. I am inspired to go deeper with my subject and look at my approach in a different way. I am so thankful for this information and think this is a brilliant and unique offering from LensCulture. Thank you so much for my new found inspiration!”

— Raina Stinson

“WOW!!! Your feedback and guidance are extremely helpful and I truly appreciate the time you took out of your day to examine my work, write down your thoughts and provide such critical feedback. For me, your personal review was the most valuable part of entering the competition; more than any monetary prize. I cannot thank you enough.”

— JP Terlizzi

“I just wanted to send a huge thank you to the reviewer who took the time to look over my submission. THANK YOU! The review was not only kind, thorough, and encouraging, but really confirmed some perspectives and possibilities that I had already been considering.”

— Greta Rybus

“That was so incredibly helpful and insightful. I couldn't be more thankful for the thoughtful advice and really appreciate the time that was taken to review my work. It literally just fueled my fire to keep shooting the series. A HUGE THANK YOU!!”

— Shannon Rose

“Many thanks for the thorough and well-informed review. The personal focus and advice surpassed all my expectations with this process. The links to other competitions, photographers of interest, books and future reviews have been extremely helpful, and again - I was impressed with the level of input, and the objective consideration of future opportunities.”

— Harriet Dedman

“I really appreciate the review - it was much more in-depth than I expected. I am particularly grateful for the links you provided. I will work on my series more according to your guidelines. Thank you once again”

— Alicja Brodowicz

“Thank you SO much to the reviewer … I really appreciate the time and attention to detail that you obviously took when reviewing my images! The comments about technical execution on specific images was very helpful, and the suggestions for improvement taken very much to heart.”

— Kerry Cheah

“Getting the feedback was highly useful and super enjoyable for me. I’m new to the art world and I need advice. The review was very effective, pinpointing my mistakes and giving me courage. I have reworked my series and will continue reworking them over a few months.”

— Kristin Linnea Backe

“I was greatly encouraged by this review and it pushed me to keep going with this series. My work might not always be a big success, but it's a bit like sports — I should keep training my "creative muscle."”

— Kumi Oguro

“Thank you very much for taking the time to review my work and provide such excellent insight and information to help me further it from here.”

— Erin Mahoney

“Many thanks for your thoughtful and informative review with excellent suggestions and references. You have a keen eye.”

— Mildred Alpern

“I just would like to thank you for the wonderful review and all the interesting suggestions you gave me to inspire my work. I strongly think these type of reviews, even if they need to be brief and concise, can effectively help and encourage especially a not-too-confident photographer to keep on working and improving. To me this review meant a big 'DO NOT GIVE UP AND WORK' and I believe that's very valuable!”

— Chiara Medici

“I'm really pleased with my review; it brought to my attention details I hadn't noticed about my work, and it was really constructive. I also liked how I was recommended a couple of books to read which makes the review even more constructive. Also the reviewer's attitude is really nice, it made me feel really good about the review and my work.”

— Jorge Diaz de la Vega Castillo

“Thank you very much for the Review and your very kind and motivating words.”

— Susanne Baumgartner

“Everything has been really helpful: your positive comments, your advice, the part that you think needs an improvement,… and all the additional recommendations, that I’ll take into consideration.”

— Conchi Martinez

“Thank you very much for your lovely and constructive review!! I could tell that the person who reviewed my submission really took the time to look at my work before giving his opinion. It wasn't some pre-written review that could fit for any project which would have been really disappointing... I really appreciate it. Plus, a big thanks for the artists suggestions at the end. I will have a look at their work with pleasure!”

— Caroline-Ann Shea

“Just writing to say thanks very much for the portfolio review, it's really encouraging.”

— Roland Ramanan

“I am a self-taught photographer and over the last decade of making pictures this is truly the most helpful feedback and direction for my photography I have ever received. Most helpful of all were the suggestions for further study/research which have already sent me off in new directions (3d mapping software) that I might not have come across if the review hadn't turned me on to it.”

— JH Hardcastle

“I was so pleased that the review of my submission was thoughtful and personalized. Thanks so much for the time you took with the review. I appreciated the suggestions.”

— Jeannie Hutchins

“Thank you very much for my submission review. I found it to be very interesting and helpful. I will most definitely take it into account in progressing the project and in future submissions.”

— Suze Eyles

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