About Odette Rabeling

Born in 1969 in the Netherlands.

As a child I have always had a passion for art especially for things like painting, sculpting and photography. However, life went in a different direction for me and I started a career in business. Nevertheless, after 10 years I decided to follow my heart and return to my inner love and fascination for the creative arts. I started as a student at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam and graduated from there in 2013. Since then my work has been displayed at several different locations all around the Netherlands.

I work on personal projects becoming inspired by themes which touch me. I also use my photography to discover my relationship with certain themes. I am currently working on a new project for which the theme is, the Circle of Life. I have always been fascinated by the similarities between the Circle of Life in nature, but also in our lives as humans. In an endless cycle new life comes to blossom, grows and eventually when the time comes, fades away again. It gives hope yet it can be deeply sad all at the same time. More on this soon...

A trademark of my work is the calm and poetic visual language displayed.

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