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About Olga Ingurazova

Olga Ingurazova is a freelance documentary photographer with a background in international relations and economics based in Moscow, Russia. After years of working in the tourism industry, she became active as a photographer and a visual journalist, documenting post-conflict recovery and the aftermath of separatist movements in the Caucasus.
In 2015 she was named to the shortlist of Magnum Photo’s "30 under 30" list of emerging documentary photographers, and was listed as one of Photo Boite’s “30 under 30 women photographers” to watch.
Currently she is focused on personal long-term documentary projects, working in both photography and multimedia. At the center of her attention are the effects of social and environmental processes on peoples’ lives.


Brazil | Croatia | Czech Republic | Dominican Republic | France | Georgia | Germany | Greece | Italy | Latvia | Lithuania | Moldova | Montenegro | Netherlands | Poland | Russia | Serbia | South Africa |Spain | Turkey | Ukraine | Partially recognized states | Abkhazia | Kosovo | Transnistria |


Lucie Foundation Scholarship Award. | Short-listed artist. 2015FotoVisura Grant for Outstanding Personal Project. | Honorable Mention. 2015
Magnum ’30 under 30’ list of emerging documentary photographers to watch. | Finalist. 2015
Emaho Foundation’s Emerging Asian Photography Grant. | Finalist. 2015
Forward Thinking Museum JGS Photography Contest. | Winner. 2015
IAFOR Documentary Photography Award. | Commended Entry. 2015
Palm Springs Photo Festival Slide Show Contest. | Finalist. 2015
PhotoTales Multimedia Projects Award. | 2015
’30 under 30 women photographers to watch’ by Photo Boite. | 2015
Invisible Photographer Asia (IPA) Mentorship Program Scholarship Grant. | Winner. 2015
Aftermath Project Grant. | Finalist. 2014Lucie Foundation Scholarship Award. | Short-listed artist. 2014
Manuel Rivera-Ortiz Foundation Grant. | Short-listed artist. 2014Efremov Report Photography Competition. | 3rd place. 2014


National Geographic (United States), Russian Reporter magazine (Russia), Io Donna (Italy), Internazionale (Italy), Courrier international (France), Lens Culture magazine (United States), FK Magazine (Latvia), Kommersant (Russia), Ogoniok magazine (Russia), FK Magazine (Latvia), Doppiozero magazine (Italy), Colta (Russia), Vechernyaya Moskva (Russia), Russian Planet (Russia), Le Courrier de Russie magazine (France) etc.

War is Only Half the Story. Volume VIII | The Aftermath Project, United States, 2015


World Press Photo organization | temporary worker | Netherlands, Amsterdam, 2016
Medical emergency treatment | Red Cross first aid courses | Russia, Moscow, 2014, 2015
Women's crisis center for victims of domestic violence | volunteer | Russia, Moscow, 2013, 2014


Palm Springs Photo Festival | ‘Scars of Independence’ screening. 2015, Palm Springs, US
Latvian Museum of Photography | ‘Scars of Independence’ solo exhibition. 2015, Riga, Latvia
‘Fotografia’ International Festival of Rome | ‘Scars of Independence’ multimedia. 2015, Rome, Italy
Magnum photo agency and Photography Show |"30 under 30" emerging documentary photographers to watch. 2015, LondonPhoto Boite Exhibition | ‘30 under 30 women photographers to watch’. 2015
Photo Kathmandu Festival | ‘Scars of Independence’ multimedia. 2015, Nepal, Kathmandu
International Photography Festival GuatePhoto | Group exhibition. 2015, Guatemala, Guatemala city
International Festival of contemporary photography ‘Bitume Photofest’ | 2015, Lecce, ItalyXII International Biennale of Photography of Tenerife | Group exhibition ‘Scars of Independence’. 2015, Canary Islands, Spain
VI International Festival of Photography PhotoVisa | ‘Scars of Independence’ solo exhibition. 2014, Krasnodar, RussiaSlideluck slideshows | ‘Scars of Independence’ screening. 2014, Bologna, ItalyEncontros da Imagem Festival | ‘Scars of Independence’ multimedia. 2014, Braga, PortugalInternational photography festival Organ Vida | ‘Scars of Independence’ screening. 2014, Zagreb, CroatiaEfremov Report Photography Competition | Group exhibition ‘Aftermath Postcards’. 2014, Tobolsk, RussiaPiter Photo Fest. | Group exhibition ‘Aftermath Postcards’. 2014, Saint-Petersburg, RussiaKolga Tbilisi Photo Festival | Group exhibition ‘Aftermath Postcards’. 2014, Tbilisi, GeorgiaV International Festival of Photography PhotoVisa | Group exhibition ‘Forsaken Land’. 2013 Krasnodar, RussiaKuldīga Town library | Exhibition ‘Family Values’. 2013, Kuldiga, LatviaVolga Biennale | Exhibition ‘Forsaken Land’, 2013, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia2nd Biennale of Modern Russian Photography | 2013, Saint Petersburg, RussiaInternational Perm Biennale of Photography | 2011, Perm, RussiaKaunas Photo Star international photo festival | ’Forsaken Land’ screening. 2011, Kaunas, LithuaniaYoung Photographers of Russia. Russian young photo journalism festival | Exhibition ‘Forsaken Land’. 2011, Kazan, Russia


Invisible Photographer Asia (IPA) Mentorship Program | 2015 |
Adrian Kelterborn Workshop | Multimedia Storytelling | Kuldiga, Latvia, 2014Yuri Kozyrev & Andrei Polikanov Workshop | Working with the Media | Kuldiga, Latvia, 2013Rena Effendi Workshop | Visual storytelling | Moscow, Russia, 2012
Aleksandr Lapin workshop | Documentary Photography | Moscow, Russia, 2011

Language skills
Russian | mother language |
English | fluent |
Italian | fluent |
German | learning |
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