The Anxiety of Living in a War Zone
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Following the toppling of the late dictator Siad Barre on January 1991, at the hands of tribal oppositions, Somalia had descended in terrible civil wars that have been going on for more than twenty years, as selfish tribal warlords wage wars on other groups, in complete disregard for the safety and welfare of those unfortunate civilians caught entrapped in such war zones, in order to consolidate their personal power bases through the control of additional territories, while cleverly securing the support of their tribesmen by the false argument that they are doing so solely to safeguard the interests and good names of their tribes.

My project focuses on the civilians affected by such conflicts. As a direct result of that tragedy, the helpless youngster had to struggle and find ways of surviving within the war zone they find themselves in, often trying to escape an area considered relatively more dangerous to another considered less so.

This case highlights the terrible sufferings of those civilians in the third world, who are caught up in war zones, subjected to unimaginable inhuman sufferings. However, such sufferings are not necessarily confined to only one specific country, but rather seem happening in many other places in the third world.

Therefore, it is hoped that viewers around the world might somehow become touched by the enormity of such highlighted sufferings, to the point that they might consider ways by which they could help these unfortunate people to finally find peace and rebuild their destroyed lives.