Let The Trees Grow Old (And Die)
Project info

In this ongoing and continuing project I'm investigating the world of trees. I started out from the distance, but the trees have gradually drawn me closer and closer until I finally discovered the delicate details of the trees bark and fibers. During this project I have found the greatest beauty in the old, the sick, the dying and the dead trees. Hence the title of the project.
For a long time I struggled to capture the beauty I saw in the structures of the trees. I was fascinated by what I saw but the images rarely worked. One day I captured an image with interesting stuctures, but it was only when I saw it on the computer I realized it contained two half images. In that moment I got the idea of mirroring those two half images into two separate images. LTTGO #15 is the best outcome of this process. Excited by the result I went throught all my other images looking for symmetry lines over which I could mirror. In almost every image I was able to find one or more symmetry lines. And every single time I was overwhelmed by great excitement. I found sudden magic to appear before my eyes - especially along the symmetry line. In some images whole numbers of figures suddenly appeared. All of a sudden, the former abstract images became figurative. Iv'e been pondering over this again and again. It appears that nature is full of symmetri lines. And we neither have the ability to see them nor to process the mirroring with our minds.
To be continued ....