Closed Paradise
Project info

It seems as if it has been isolated from the world. It is enclosed in a prosperous city and surrounded by the human world. However, it has become a paradise for weeds, birds and animals.
It is full of static time and vast three-dimensional space. There is a simple and static balance between time and space. It is different from the complex relationship of human world flow. The two worlds are interconnected, and the two relationships map to each other.
I try to connect people's own closeness through its closeness, to explore the difference between active closeness and passive closeness. This connection has some resonance. It is closed to the outside world, but has a vast heart, allowing weeds to grow and birds and animals to breed.
I use soft color matching and choose the evening time to show its memories of childhood. It also shows a soft memory of childhood. I try to arouse people's happiness through tones. But the scene is sad.
I try to express the lost era by watching it silently. It tries to make people feel the changes of the times and the rapid development of recreational life from such a perspective. It is hoped that through this way of expression, people can examine their inner world, open their hearts and accept the reality.