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On billboards, advertisements, and the internet, we are accustomed to being desensitized to the female body covered in bits of lace and spandex.
Images of angels, child-like and playful; boasting rainbow colored bras and emoji balloons, blowing kisses down a runway.
Pubescent teens buying clothing from lingerie stores with the celebritization of the faces who adorn it.
Posts and follows, in this instance it is acceptable, but the female nude is still shamed and censored on social media.

Growing up, I was held to the standards within the steeple that housed my family’s belief system.
Conceal and save.
Surgeries scheduled and calories counted.
Eyebrows waxed and legs shaved before mommy and daughter outings consisting of buying makeup for 11th birthdays.
Gifts of lace and satin because these pretty, delicate things were meant to be worn, yet not seen, the very purpose of which was to tempt and lust over.
I was meant to maintain an innocence while hiding the cloth meant to seduce.