Nice To Meet You
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Strangeness and intimacy are two extreme relationships in interpersonal communication, but the boundaries between them can be blurry. Ballroom dancing has quickly become one of the most popular social activities in China due to the subtle learning and economic cost. With a prologue "Nice to meet you" and cross-dancing with each other, a fleeting “intimacy ” was quickly established in the public space.
I tried to get involved in the activity as a quiet "intruder", but the flashlight sold me out. The subject’s identity is blurred by the harsh light and irregular composition. Thus force the spectator focuses on the fascinating and tacit body gesture. It is well known that physical exercise can produce dopamine. Thus ballroom dancing,as it always requires two participates, has deepened the sense of pleasure. The trust between strangers grew rapidly during a short time. The intimacy is full of unknowns, but it benefits from the fleeting relationship, that people do not have to think too much about the consequences and indulge in the intimate moment built by themselves.