The Sad Clown
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Cartagena de Indias, a world heritage by UNESCO is the most visited city of Columbia. She has more to offer than any other place in the Caribbean. Sea, sun and the ocean transport you into the longing you have desired. Little balconies with flowers, small colorful streets, and cozy restaurants add to your sense of romance. Breeze of music at every corner and salsa accompanied by the rhythm of the horseshoes’ echoing from the phaetons in the historic old town, bring her to life. Walking by the Cathedral at Plaza San Domingo and Fernando Botero helps you concede that Cartagena is a beauty…

She is also the third poorest city in the country and one of the most unequal. Politically unstable and corrupt. If you have money, any illicit action would be allowed, without a consequence. The walls of the old city were originally built to keep pirates away and then served to keep the poor outside of the city. In this city of duality, even these borderesque walls are failing to stop young men and women from migrating to the small town. Boys selling drugs on the streets and women offering services to tourists that pass by the doors of the walled city from nightfall until the early morning hours. There is no hesitation from either end of the deal. In a city which has the totality of beauty during the day, there is also the hardship of life when night falls.