The journey of the Soul
Project info

I shot this photographs on my trip to London last summer. There where these young people dancing and chilling at Piccadilly Circus. I immediately loved the vibes there and their dancing skills and styles. The first thing i did was to ask them if i can shot some photos of them. The second thing i did after i got a positive response was to fall into the flow state and start shooting this reportage. I visited them again for some hours the next day. There are no staged photos except some portraits of course. (Photo number 5 and the first one of the triptych with the number 7) The actual story consists of more than 10 photographs. It was very challenging to edit the series down to 10 photos but im very happy with the result!

As i do always i looked through the photographs to find the deeper meaning. Since i remember myself i'm constantly trying to understand the meaning behind everything. And the best thing about that is that i always find the meaning. I love to work with symbols and metaphors. The theme of each of my stories are emerging out of the process itself and of course out of my life experiences and my own journey as a soul.
I am aware that the quality of the description texts could be better. I will work on it with someone who is a native english speaker and has actually talent in writing.