Winter Nights in Toronto
Project info

With this set, I wanted to provide a glimpse of the conditions present in winter, in a city. Toronto winters are unpredictable, but can be really severe. However, I absolutely adore shooting in the snow. I come from a tiny town in rural Ireland, so I know how hard it is to truly visualize what it's like when you're not from a place that doesn't really experience subzero temperatures. I chose to use images taken at night mainly because it's my favourite time to go out with my camera. There's a certain serenity in purposefully walking around in a fierce snowstorm, when most people are scrambling to get out of it! I have excluded some images that I was initially going to submit that featured some of the homeless citizens of Toronto, who suffer more than most during winter. I didn't want to politicize my set, and I felt like there was something opportunistic about using images of these people instead of doing something to help their cause.