Eyes Wide Shot (Entries for a Street Photography contest)
Project info

Working as a TV reporter and video operator, I've always used my job to fight against my inhibitions, live new adventures and take risks that I wouldn't take in my private life. Doing analog photography is the second step in that process. First, technically, I am going back to something more organic, I have to be able not to shoot (when you can record non stop with a video camera and be sure that at the end, you'll have something editable). I also love the process of waiting to appreciate or not the result. Like lots of people of my generation, I grew up with lots of tools (mostly numeric) that keeps us away from the concept of patience. I always had the feeling that it wasn't such a good thing. And mostly, when I am alone, walking for hours with my analog camera around my neck, scanning the people around me and waiting for a face or a situation that I will try anything to catch, I don't have the excuse of working, if I want to grabe what I am interested in, I have to go in my name, on my own.