Flânerie en Guyane Française
Project info

I never thought I would set foot in French Guyana: many other countries were before it on my list. In January 2019 I was part of a sail boat delivery from Brasil to Martinique and we found ourselves in need of provision nearby French Guyana: that is how I arrived to Cayenne.
It was my first time arriving in a country with a "blank mind" and almost no notions about it; I didn’t have a guidebook and, being at sea, I had not even googled it.

The pictures of these series are shot over a single weekend around the capital area: it was out of luck and absolutely not planned that we arrived during the weekend of the Opening of the Carnival, when the streets are bustling with people coming from all over the country.

What I was seeing -and portraying in my pictures- sparkled a strong curiosity in me, which brought me to extensively research French Guyana’s history and traditions: the series submitted here will hopefully highlight different aspects of it.