We are just passing through
Project info

"We are just passinf through" is a series of digital photographs taken "on the fly" in the streets, from a low angle viewpoint, with large aperture (f1,7) and a 30mm lens. During my urban walks, I observe by melting into the "mass" and my camera have to be as discreet as possible. I carelessly hold it in my hand and I trigger each shot at the last moment, when I am close to my subject. The intention is to transcribe the normality of people in the public spaces, the wandering of everyone in this environment. It is about showing loneliness, interactions and unforeseen. In terms of pictorial research, it is not a question of making the "beautiful" academic photography (framing, focusing, lightning, ...) but rather of relating energies.

"We are just Passing through" expresses itself as a collection of the solitude and passage of people. They move, they stop, they live and escape in their thoughts, sometimes even outside the frame.