Love has to be reinvented
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When Venasque told me about the diaries of Cocteau, I came across this fragment, which deeply affected me:

“And then I realized that the world of my dreams is equally full of memories as my real life. Thus, it is a real being, perhaps even richer, deeper, more precise in many details and more full of episodes than the waking one. It was difficult to properly locate memories in one or the other world. They were extraordinary, complicated, and have become my second life, twice as big and twice as long as my own.”

Why? Because you have this gun with cold water, while I’m turning into someone different.

With or without is trivial difference. Is it not the way to communicate with friends?

We are still here.

I know your deepest secret fear. And you know my deepest secret fear: egoism.

—Piotr Zbierski