Ballad about love
Project info

The process of making this image came out of exploring the structural similarities I noticed between a discarded pile of old newspapers and waves breaking against rocks. I had taken both photos on the same day in different parts of my neighborhood and going through the images they felt like extensions of one another. Originally I put the images on top of each other in a diptych format but then decided to sew them together in the middle to create one seamless image where its not apparent where the top image ends and the bottom begins.

I spent a long time trying to study and make sense of it in an attempt to arrive at a sophisticated awareness or a philosophical insight in my intent . Then I realized there was never an "intent" but an "impulse."
Intent suggests a premeditated visualization of an idea, impulse speaks to the choreography of the subconscious mind that guides creative instinct.

Could this be the philosophical insight I've been waiting to arrive at?

Not until right now, writing those sentences in a submission statement, two hours before the deadline, about this singular piece from my body of work, that I found the words that give language to my creative process. I never intend on an outcome, I let impulse take the wheel and trust that the stops along the way will clarify intention.

Because this image wasn't born out of a particular conceptual intent but rather out of a subconscious act of creative impulse, it had no title. Then I realized that in looking at it, I would think the first few lines of a song by Vladimir Vysotsky's called "Ballad about love." I believe therein lies its meaning.

(trans. from Russian by Jouravel)

"When, after all, the great deluge was over,
The seas came back within their coastal lines,
Out of the foam of the receding water
The love came out softly to the land.
And, for some time, it faded in the air,
And lasted for an eon and some then."