Listen to the silence
Project info

Certain things are easy to photograph, others are not. As a photographer I’ve often struggled to capture the feeling that accompanies an image. Like when you look into the sea and the day is nearing its end. The sound of the water coming and going, the breeze crowding out the noise both real and imaginary. That sense that -for a moment- you could be alone in that vastness, that nothing else matters, that you are one with the water coming and going and the breeze that wraps around your body.

This series is an attempt to capture the feeling that surrounds the image. To capture the vastness, the silence and the breeze. It invites you to feel the hot sun on your skin while you hear the rattling sound of the old metal turning. Intended as large works, these photos aim to bring you into that moment, to sit and look into that horizon line and think of the “maybes” that may be in store for you behind it.