The Ganges at Varanasi, River of Shifting Perceptions
Project info

I have always felt that the waters of the river Ganges at Varanasi is a grand subject all to itself. Its always there and its always changing, constant but with a different appearance even hour by hour. The river it flows, and carries everything away down stream, what a metaphor it is for the transience of life. I’ve always wanted to capture the river with this elusive feeling of time and movement.
So with the advent of in-phone photo stitch pano technology I felt that maybe I could express this concept. The technology of pano photo stitch photography is a bit of magic in itself, relying on vectors, patterns, geometry, and computing power to seam its images together. What I found though was that the ripples and waves of the river, mystified all this rationality and logic, creating skewed and fractured images of the solid reality on and around it. I liked these results. As I worked I could see the possibilities to anticipate where these illusions could manifest in my stitched photographs, and this would be most pronounced near or actually on the river itself. Horizons bent, and boats distorted, and people ripped and became transparent like waves and water itself. Reality became a world of stitched together floating illusions. Which seems like an apt message from the Ganges river at Varanasi to its viewers.
All of these photographs utilize the in camera photo stitch technology. Some images have combined up to 20 separate photographs to create a single pano, some others only used three photographs.