You are burning our Future
Project info

I realized this portfolio with the help of my two nieces 8th and 10th years old with whom I share the deep love for our Mother Earth but also the concern for Her future. Elena e Cecilia see the young Swedish girl who is mobilizing a global movement to fight for the climate as a true heroine.
She is an example to everyone of how the world needs to still have heroes to follow and the grace of women to lead battles where the force is not that of weapons.
Elena and Cecilia have a very special and wonderful way of seeing the natural element they come into contact with every day, living in a small village on Lake Orta. A way capable of transmitting and sharing with an adult world that is often hasty and rational.
With the portfolio I enclose a poem I wrote to accompany the images. In it, written almost entirely in the first person, the marvelous vision of the girls is mixed with the slightly disenchanted but conscious vision of an adult woman. It is addressed to the human being who started the era of Anthropocene. The geological era in which the terrestrial environment, understood as the set of physical, chemical and biological characteristics in which life takes place and evolves, is strongly conditioned on both a local and global scale by the effects of human action.
Some images are designed to be retouched or handmade by me.
The portfolio is designed with photographs of different sizes to be assembled in a composition.

You are burning our future

You are burning our future
pushing us
in a prison
we have not chosen.

Look up
From the screen.
Like a hanged man
our world
is hanging from the ceiling of the sky.

I see
not only
what is visible
for the eyes.

I feel
the tired heart
of our Earth.

I dream
transforming ordinary reality
with the strength of my vision.

I can look for infinity
even among the brushwoods
because I found out that it's contained
even in the infinitely small.

Let me lend you
the veil of purity.
You'll see the wonders
of nature narrated by ancient texts
and of which there is memory in your being.

I'll start you on the art of magic.
I will support you
in the alchemical transformations
of seeing and feeling.
Because I bring life to the world.
I am a woman
and I can light up in a man
the light of grace.

Inside me I keep fragments of stars.