Project info

The photographs have captured our ever-changing environment; they have focused on the little eccentricities of our everyday existence.

The world around us is full of empty spaces, however a space is never neutral. It is full of meaning, imagination and metaphors. Once we stop to observe our everyday surroundings, we can see the magic of our mundane environment come to life. Moreover these fleeting spaces become an enchanted and intoxicating moment in our minds eye. However if we do not stop and contemplate on the world, it can become a banal and mundane structure.

The photographs entice us to give pause for observation and reflection, on a site that is often glimpsed but scarcely pondered upon. Once we look and observe the doors of perception start to open. The more we stop to observe, the more we can experience the possibility of reality, blending into our imagination. At most reality is just a construction of our mind.

This series of photographs are juxtaposed to create a playful yet ominous symbiotic relationship. The work is an autobiographical observation of how Aaron sees his world around him.